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Don’t settle for tools that give you 10% functionality for 2x the price. Using Infinito is also easy.

your teams engage anytime, anywhere

Unlock Powerful Marketing Use-Cases with the WhatsApp API
Rich Media
Lists & Bottons
Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy with the WhatsApp API

CX redefined

ValueFirst is official solution partner of META to deploy WhatsApp based solutions

For complex questions, help your customer with two-way messaging and instant response.
Handhold your customer with text. images, PDF and other rich media directly on WhatsApp via push notifications on Infinito

Simplify marketing, use WhatsApp

WhatsApp makes it easy for you to chat with customers in 180 countries and 60 languages

Make technology work for you! Introduce self-service options by automating your communication on WhatsApp with the help of chatbots
Engage customers with interactive rich media messages and let them know about your latest promotions, back-in-stock items, or offers they shouldn’t miss
Drive Customer Engagement with WhatsApp API for Marketing
Connect to software or systems (like CRM) to deliver triggered notifications​
Entry Points
Nudge customers toward messaging-based support from phone IVR, email, app or web with deep links​
Field inbound messages with agents, chatbots (in-buil on Infinito), or both​
Easy, no-fuss pay-as-you-go pricing based on a Conversational costing model of META

WhatsApp, the game-changer

Consumers want to message​you across their journey​ on a platform that is native i.e. WhatsApp

Reach – 2 billion people send messages every day to businesses around the world. 400M + in India alone
Engagement – WA has users across 180 countries and some brands have reached a read rate of 98% with Whatsapp Business API
Preference – 68% of WhatsApp users agreed that the platform is the easiest way to connect with a business

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