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Build impactful Chatbots easily

Infinito comes with the world's easiest chatbot builder with its intuitive drag-drop no-code features

Super Powerful Analytics
Built-In Live Agent Configurations
Third Party CRM Integrations

Amazing Infinito Chatbot features

Use the drag-and-drop chatbot builder platform to create intuitive conversations with ease,flexibility, and speed to deliver the perfect message every time. All this, without a single line of code.
Our Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing engine compounds the self-learning of the chatbots through multi-factorial intent recognition.
Truly Multi-Channel
Your chatbot can be integrated in your Website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, Twitter, Instagram, Line, Telegram, MS Teams, Skype, Apps and more.

Simplify business, improve processes

Infinito can help your business in many ways to deliver a joyful customer experiences

Make it easy for the team to collaborate with private notes and smooth human takeover
Send product catalogs to customers on WhatsApp as part of campaigns & auto-replies
Elevate customer experiences with rich media (videos, PDFs, etc.) and interactive message templates like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons
Allow customers to shop wherever, whenever, and however, they want
Provide phenomenal post-purchase support and improve your NPS by answering every question, even before your customers ask it
Single sign-on for sending push as marketing campaigns or event-based triggers
Acquire customers and generate quality leads with highly personalized onboarding

Automate Smart Conversations fast

Understand and converse with end-users in human ways without the back and forth

Design an intuitive chatbot that reflects your brand’s identity with our pre-built templates and features to get you live in minutes
An in-build, lead and ticketing management system to help automate tickets and deal with complicated SLAs use-cases
Our AI powered chatbot enables you to gather and process data with the help of central knowledge management base to improve your customer engagement on the long run

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