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Integrate SMS into Your Omnichannel Marketing Automation Strategy
Unlock the Power of SMS in Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Increase mobile engagement fast

Drive customer engagement, acquisition, retention, and improve security and loyalty on SMS in 3 steps

Design the skeleton of your campaign by defining parameters like Sender ID, campaign type, name, etc
Define the list of recipients for your campaign. You can either upload in an “xls” or “csv” format or use an already uploaded list
Choose your DLT-approve template and execute your SMS campaign

DIY workflows, improve CX

Initiate SMS-based conversations on scale with your consumers in easy ways

Schedule SMS campaigns based on your customers' time zone or set activity-based triggers
Import lists from your CRM or create dynamic customer segments for different campaign objectives and use cases
Analyze the real-time performance of SMS campaigns and know which campaigns are producing the best conversions
Boost Your Marketing Automation Efforts with SMS for Omnichannel Success
Engage users by building and scheduling SMS campaigns based on data analysis and user behavior via Infinito.
Send critical transactional alerts and notifications to your consumers with a powerful delivery engine.
Get your consumers validated with 2-factor authentication via one-time-passwords.
In-built DLT compliance management makes Infinito one single platform for all things SMS.

India's favourite SMS provider

Engage customers through seamless automation and start building SMS journeys

SMS Push: Send SMS alerts to a large number of people instantly
2-Way SMS: Have text-based conversations with non-tech customers
Send URLs: Bring customers to your Website/App/WhatsApp channel

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